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The W.E.E. Center uses the W.E.E. Learn Curriculum which is designed to provide children the opportunity to grow and develop as Jesus did, "in wisdom and stature and in favor of God and man," Luke 2:52


The lessons provide developmentally appropriate experiences to promote growth and provide a strong foundation for the understanding of Jesus, others, church, self, family, Bible and the natural world. Our weekly themes provide opportunities for children to learn about God's world and how to live in it.




Children with Special Needs

The W.E.E. Center believes that chidlren with special needs, like all other children, need opportunities for physical, intellectual, social, moral and spiritual growth. We will admit your child after consultation between parent/guardian, director and teachers. We do this on a trail basis of 10 days to make certain that the W.E.E. Center is a good fit for your child and that your child is a good fit for our center and the other students. We will work with other professionals, such as health vistors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, doctors, etc in every attempt to meet specific needs. Please remember that parental assistance is invaluable.

In this Preschool....

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